This is a STP (Stay To Play) Event


Cancellation & Refund Policy

Teams that cancel 30 days or less prior to the event will receive a 1-year credit (for the amount paid) to any DC Elite Productions event or may choose a refund of $350. There will be no refunds once the live draw takes place.


  • South Commons Park, Columbus GA - RVs allowed (at your own risk) in lower parking lots E and F. No overnight security or hookups of any kind available. 

Locations for Age Divisions TBD

  • South Commons Softball Complex: 400 4th St Columbus, GA 31901

Team Check-In

Each team must have one coach or representative check-in on Friday July 8th prior to their first game of the showcase in a designated area.


The registration tent is located at:

South Commons Park - Main gate by the football stadium.

Idle Hour Park Sports Complex - Located at the main gate.

NSR Combine Testing

National Scouting Report will be providing free complimentary combine testing and results for all 14U/16U & 18U athletes who are a part of the showcase.

Testing will take place at South Commons Park

located at 400 4th St., Columbus GA 31901

  • Friday, July 8th → 8:30a.m. - 6:00p.m. EST



  • Pool Games 14U/16U/18U 80 min finish the batter.

  • Bracket games will be 7 innings, or 80 min finish the inning.

  • ITB in Bracket if game tied at the end of 7 inning or 80 min.

  • Free Defensive substitutions throughout pool play.

  • You may bat your entire roster. The integrity of the line-up must remain throughout the game.

  • Pool play, courtesy run for pitcher/catcher only.

  • Bracket play, courtesy run for Pitcher/catcher only. Sub must be used. If no sub, then last completed at bat.

  • All bats must follow USSSA guidelines and have USSSA thumbprint. The penalty for stepping in the batter's box with an illegal bat is both player & head coach are ejected from the game.

  • Absolutely NO protest in pool play, only bracket. The protest fee is $300 in bracket. The fee will be returned if the protest is upheld.

  • The coin flip will be held before the game to determine the home team. The Official Scorekeeper will be designated by the home team.

  • All teams must have their roster uploaded to their USSSA Team Page. If a team DOES NOT, and a team protests in the bracket play, the team will have to forfeit the game. If the Director deems the player is eligible but the error is of a clerical nature the protest will not result in a forfeit and the protest fee will be returned.

  • No Players, Parents, or Spectators will be allowed in the "College Coaches Only” designated areas. This also includes the Hospitality area (Administration Building) and Umpires tent/area.


Game Times
Pool games begin on Friday, July 8th, 2022 at 8:00 a.m.  EST.  All teams must be available to play at this time on Day 1.

Tournament Format

Teams will be divided into pools based on the classification that they register. (i.e. USA Elite Select, A Class or B Class.)   All teams will play a minimum of five (4) round robin exhibition games, unless otherwise noted or decided upon. On Sunday July 10th we will have a single elimination tournament which will be determined by a blind draw. USA Elite Select and A class teams are drawn first, followed by B class.

Payment Due June 3rd

The full payment is due by June 3rd. All teams who have not paid in full WILL be dropped from the event to accommodate our waiting list of teams since this is typically a SOLD OUT event. Payment can be made with Venmo or through the USSSA website.

June 29th  Blind Draw

All teams who have paid in full will be pulled in a blind bracket draw as follows. USAES & A Class teams will be drawn first, and B Class teams will be pulled 2nd.

Recruiting Manual Information Due June 30th

For each athlete’s optimal chance to be recruited, please fill out your player's profile sheets by the deadline date at the link below. This information is emailed ahead of time as well as given to all the college coaches upon their arrival. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED FOLLOWING THE DEADLINE.


Make sure you do not miss out on the showcase camp July 7th featuring over 11 college programs. This event SELLS OUT every single year due to the limited number of campers we allow and the exposure the athletes receive before the showcases. All coaches at this camp will also be attending the showcases. Hit the link and sign up today as we are halfway full already!

Game Balls

Game balls will be provided by the tournament director. THREE (3) game balls are to be turned in to the umpires on each field following the completion of each game.

Teams are expected to have their players retrieve foul balls and return them to the umpires at the field they are playing on during each game. This will keep the flow of the game moving and ensure everyone is playing with a quality game ball.


Along with the USSSA email and texting system, we may also use social media and/or a dedicated weather line.


Weather contingencies of uncontrollable circumstances or interruptions due to weather, the Tournament Director/DCEP ownership reserve the right to alter the tournament format in any way necessary to reach a conclusion. This can include, but may not be limited to, shortened game times, fewer games guaranteed, or playing rule changes. Games interrupted might not be resumed. Everything possible will be done to get the players on the field as soon as possible. It is ultimately the responsibility of the team managers and coaches to verify their schedule daily to make sure that no changes have been made. Refunds will be at the discretion of the DCEP ownership.

Medical Information

Certified Athletic Trainers/EMTs will be available at all locations for minor medical injuries. Please notify our staff in staff shirts or someone at the gate to radio our trainer.


We will be adhering to safe practices as per state mandates regarding COVID-19. We ask that you adhere to these standards and safety as well for the health and well-being for all.


Managers, Coaches, Players and Spectators are responsible for their own conduct. Any abusive language or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Managers could also be held responsible for any unsportsmanlike conduct by a player, parent or fan.